Wild Wild West

It’s a bit of a cliche….isn’t it? But the Wild, Wild West pretty much sums up my weekend in Perth.

As soon as we arrived we knew the weather would play havoc. Sure enough, the Friday saw wild weather and unpredictable conditions.

But before we got to the track we had a really busy schedule. We dropped into the local Hungry Jacks. I think I’m getting better with my drive-thru menu. My sundaes need more work however…

We also checked out some sprint cars. That is a completely different scene to V8Supercars….oh hang on….Virgin Australia Supercars : )

When we finally did get to the track we encountered some wild weather. I managed to find the sand trap on more than one occasion. But it was all in the name of pushing the car, because we did make major changes to the set up before getting to Perth.

Unfortunately the changes didn’t yield great qualifying results and we struggled in practice and qualy trim.  In Practice we had an 18th, 26th and 15th. In Qualifications I qualified 18th for the Saturday and 23rd for the Sunday.

The race results weren’t much better…with a P 19 on Saturday and a P21 on Sunday. It has left us in 17th in the Championship.

But despite the results, there were again so many positives to come from the weekend, and that’s what our focus is. The team is gelling now…and the crew are working well together. The whole team is positive and there is a really cool atmosphere.

Also my team mate Aaren Russell showed some very encouraging signs. His stoush with Frosty raised eyebrows, but he kept it clean and quick.  He practiced inside the top 10 too in one sessions and late in the race on the Sunday, his Plus Fitness Racing machine was flying.

Next stop…my local….Winton.


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