Weekend one of two in Darwin complete for Reynolds

David Reynolds has had a reasonable weekend in Darwin, with a best placed finish of fifth on Sunday. Reynolds couldn’t quite cut through the pack and what is usually a rewarding track for the Penrite racer, proved otherwise on the weekend.

Saturday was a busy day, with two practice sessions, two back-to-back qualifying sessions, a top fifteen shootout and a 38-lapper.

The entire field were limited to run hard-compound tyres only for qualifying, which eliminated tyre strategy and put pressure on car set ups and driver ability. Reynolds managed to qualify seventh with a fastest lap of 1:07.38, putting him fourth on the grid for race 13.

Reynolds didn’t have the greatest start to the race but managed to put himself in front of the carnage that would happen by lap 4 and a Safety Car was deployed. It was chaos in the pits as the entire field raced to complete their compulsory pitstop, however a double stack for the two Penrite cars diminished the 35-year old’s track position; costing him six places.

Unfortunately, Reynolds was unable to make any passes whilst on worn, hard tyres and 13th was all he could manage.

“We did a reasonable job to quality 7th on hard tyres,” said Reynolds.

“I got an average start in the race but was lucky to get past Waters and stay out of the carnage. A Safety Car then came out and I had to double stack behind Anton and lost six places out of that.

“It was great to see Anton get the win in Saturday’s race though, well deserved and was a great lifter for the team.”

A better day on Sunday as this time teams could mix up their tyre strategy, including in qualifying; Reynolds qualified eighth and ninth respectively.

Sunday’s first 38-lap race didn’t offer a lot of action, with teams opting for soft tyres which settled the field in the opening phase.

Reynolds opted for the longer stint and pitted on lap 27 and with two fresh right-hand side tyres, the Penrite racer managed to return to the field in sixth. With little time left, a top five was in sight and Reynolds managed to pip Nick Percat for fifth.

Starting from ninth for the final race of the weekend, Reynolds decided to pit earlier this time round, again changing the two right-hand tyres and 32 laps remained.

There wasn’t a whole lot of movement in the field, whilst majority of teams ran the same tyre strategy. Reynolds drove a solid race and brought it across the line in ninth.

“We had a better run on the Sunday. It’s a shame there’s not more time in-between the qualifying sessions to make many changes, but that’s part of the fun I guess,” said Reynolds.

“We tuned the set up from the previous day and it was much better in the races. The first race was good to end up fifth; I got a reasonable start and opted to stay out longer which worked in my favour.

“The last race was a bit of a procession and not much happened. We will obviously have a look at the data and come back and do it all again next weekend.”

The Virgin Australia Supercars have five days to turn the cars around as they get set to race for a second weekend at Hidden Valley Raceway 22 – 23 August.

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