This weekend we head to Tassie.

It’s an interesting track because it’s pretty simple. But who can forget a couple years ago when I demolished my Bottle-O Falcon at the hairpin? It may be a simple track…with just a few corners…but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I read there’s been some upgrades to the track too, although it doesn’t appear the actual track has had major changes.

We head into this race with a little bit of hindsight. The AGP round was an opportunity to try a few things, so hopefully it translates to this race set up. But there’s a long way to go. The team is working is hard and so far I’m really pleased with our direction.

People keep asking whether I’m happy at Erebus…and the simple answer is yes. The crew are enthusiastic and there’s a real appetite to succeed.

I better get in the plane now… see you there. PS: Thanks for all you support…myself and the team are really encouraged by all the positive messages we’re receiving on our social media and also by email.


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