Sydney Preview

It feels like forever since we last raced!

I took the extended break between races by having a quick holiday overseas. Tahan and I went together and caught up with some friends and for some R&R. Looking back it’s a pity we didn’t get to race in KL….hopefully next year we can race there.

The break was also an opportunity to get some more training in and catch up with some personal sponsors. It was also great to renew my personal sponsorship with the guys at Apex Steel. In a few weeks’ time I’m going to catch up with Joe Calleja (Managing Director) and check out his incredible collection of race cars. I’ll put up some pics on social media.

Over the break it was also announced that Shae Davies would be joining the team. This will be an awesome opportunity for Shae so I’ll take this opportunity to personally welcome him. Good luck Shae!

We have a lot of work to do this weekend to recover from a disappointing last round in Queensland. Given the improvements we made prior to Ipswich, we were expecting better results. But anyone who knows me will know that Ipswich is not my favourite place in the world. I love the city…but rarely have good results there. So this weekend we bring renewed energy and a few tweaks to the car. If we can get a good result this weekend it will set us up for a real crack at the Enduro Series.

See you at track….


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