Sydney Podium 3rd Place

Sydney Podium

What a final round to the Championship! Last year I had a 4th place finish, so thankfully this year we went one better and delivered a 3rd place for the team.

The car was pretty quick out of the truck and our early practise times were encouraging. We qualified well too and come race 1 I got off to a good start. The pace car twisted things for us, however I was able to hold off challenges to finish in a comfortable 3rd place. Jamie Whincup and Tim Slade were too quick, so although I was unable to pass them, we held our own and I was pleased to finally grab a podium.

Races 2 and 3 were effected by torrential rain – the track was literally flooded and it became too dangerous to continue. The car became foggy and it was impossible to even see out of the car.

I finished the season in position 15 of the Championship – not where I wanted to be. Next year will be interesting and I’m hopeful the new FGX shape will prove to be a winner for us.

On December 12 I take off to the States for a short holiday before resuming my training and preparation for 2015. I want to thank all my sponsors for their support this year and also everyone at FPR – including my crew – for all their brilliant work.

Finally a big thanks to all my fans!!

Have a safe and merry Christmas everyone.

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