2017 Virgin Australia Supercars ChampionshipSandown means the start of the enduro season, the beginning of the intense run to the end of the season, AND, perhaps most importantly, that I get to sleep in my own bed! 😀

As a home round, I have all the creature comforts of home and I always enjoy that when it is possible.

The first time I raced around Sandown would have been back in 2003, and we have had some good and not so good results in that time, including a few missed podiums due to mistakes. This weekend, hopefully we can make our way to some better results and perhaps even get onto that podium, but it won’t be easy that is for sure.

While the Sandown circuit layout might look simple on paper, it can be quite challenging to get your car set-up just right for it and when it comes to qualifying, it is oh-so-close. With the race being longer in length, qualifying might not be as crucial as at the other rounds we have raced at so far this year, but even so, you want to give your team the best result you can and it still an important part of the weekend.

Aside from obviously all the excitement around the enduro season kicking off, this weekend is a bit special for us as a team as we are running the retro Peter Brock livery which harks back to when he won here back in 1976 by two laps. There is a bit of pressure to honour that, but I don’t think anyone will be winning by two laps these days!

Alongside the car liveries the team has gone all out with the race apparel, merchandise, pit walling and even the tool boxes all decked out in the retro branding, it is really great and I am really proud of the team for pulling it all together.

The cars and team gear aren’t the only things that have been especially designed this weekend either! For the Sandown round, we have redesigned my helmet to feature all of my personal sponsors in thanks for their valued ongoing support – thanks guys!

See you at the track,


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