Reynolds secures his best Eseries finish yet

The second to last BP Supercars All Stars Eseries took to Michigan International Oval Speedway Wednesday night and David Reynolds continued to improve his simulator skills; securing fourth, his best placed finish in the Eseries to date.

The qualifying format was different to the previous on-track schedule, which included two heat qualifying sessions, duel 1 made up of odd number finishers and duel 2 of those who finished in an even number.

Reynolds had potential and although started race 27 from P28, managed to pick up 12 positions and slotted into 16th, before Chris Pither fired into him and sent the Penrite Commodore to the back of the pack. Unfortunately, Reynolds was unable to recover and P24 was all he could manage.

Race 28 was a reverse grid which put Reynolds in 7th. This time, the 34-year old was able to stay out of the carnage and got into a groove, crossing the line in 4th – his best finish yet.

Accrued points from Race 27 and 28 set David’s grid position for Race 29 in 10th. Unfortunately, on lap 2 Fabian Coulthard helped Reynolds into the fence, making it difficult for #9 to salvage his position. After a final hit to the Penrite Commodore on the last lap of the race, he crossed the line in P18.

David Reynolds reflects;

“I really enjoyed last night. I felt like I improved every race.

“In qualifying we had myself, Anton and Jordan so we were collectively trying to work together. It’s the first time we’ve really tried doing that and I think it helped us because we all started up the front.

“The first race I didn’t do that well. I was going ok and making my way up from the back and got crashed into. The reverse grid race I finished fourth. I drove quite well in that second one. Then the last race I was driving the best I ever have, but then got turned around early and I got pushed back to about 21st and then I drove all the way up to fifth on the very last lap and then got put into the wall.

“Every race I did, I learned more and more and got better and better. I had the ‘Super Driver Coach’ Ben Rothberg from Hyper Simulator helping me. He is amazing. He was telling me what was going on and where to put the car and where the grip is, and it got easier and easier. I came out of the pits in 19th and drove all the way up to fifth. On those oval tracks it’s very hard to do that so I was actually semi-impressed with myself.”

The Eseries is set to head to Australia next, visiting Oran Park and Bathurst next week for the tenth and final round of the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries.


Race 27 – Started P28, finished 24th
Race 28 – Started P7, finished 4th
Race 29 – Started p10, finished 18th

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