Reynolds scores his personal best in the virtual world

David Reynolds has secured a personal best in the virtual racing Eseries for round 7, at Daytona.

The Supercars field visited Charlotte and Daytona (Roval) on Wednesday night, albeit virtually and Reynolds for the first time qualified inside the top ten, claiming eighth. Unfortunately, the Penrite racer was unable to convert his qualifying results into the race, after he was turned around and lost two laps. From there, P21 was all the 34-year old could manage.

Next stop was Daytona (Roval) and it was there that Reynolds had his best run in the Eseries yet. Starting ninth, he managed to stay out of carnage and have a superb run, claiming fifth.

Reynolds continued his fast streak into the final race of the night and with genuine pace claimed P6.

Reynolds reflects:

“That was my best night in the series by a million miles! I think if I had of pitted one lap earlier in the last race, I could have been on for a podium. I think I would have jumped the three blokes I was fighting.

“I was really happy with where I qualified. The guy who has leant me the simulator, Ben Rothberg from Hyper Stimulator helped me out a lot at Charlotte. He put together this amazing video to show me how to get around there. I picked up three tenths of a second after watching that, so I’m very grateful for Ben’s help.

“At Daytona I had a decent tow off someone. It wasn’t that big, but I did my best lap I have ever done during that session, so I was super stoked. I qualified really well, but got caught up in the first race, that was nuts.

“Finishing fifth in the second race was awesome. It was better than the fifth at Bathurst because that one was a reverse grid race, so it doesn’t count as much. Overall, I had a lot of fun and it makes me think I am getting the hang of this. You put in so much practice each week so to get a good result after seven rounds, I can stay home happy!”

The BP Supercars All Stars continues with round 8 next Wednesday, 27th May.


Qualifying – 8th
Race 21 – 21st (Charlotte)
Race 22 – 5th (Daytona – Roval)
Race 23 – 6th (Daytona – Roval)

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