Reynolds lights up his Penrite Mustang as Supercars hit the track

David Reynold’s #26 Penrite Racing Mustang will feature a fresh livery to celebrate Supercars’ return to the track this weekend under lights at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The illuminated golden livery for the #26 Penrite Racing Mustang will dazzle under lights in the first race back since June and will feature for the four consecutive Supercars rounds at the Western Sydney circuit.

“Penrite love mixing it up with new liveries and I reckon it looks fantastic,” says Reynolds. “They’ve spent a lot of hours making it happen. It looks cool in photos and looks cool sitting there, but I hope it looks good going around.”

The first Supercars event for more than four months, up to 10,000 spectators per day will be able to attend the Bunnings Trade Sydney SuperNight, which is Round 8 of the 2021 Repco Supercars Championship.

“It’s kind of weird. After such a long break, it feels like the start of a new year. I’m really looking forward to it – you know, sitting at home doing nothing sucks!” Reynolds admits. “I did spend a lot of time with my family, my new son, so that was a positive – otherwise, it was tough.”

This weekend’s return to racing sees Friday practice followed by two days of Supercars competition. Saturday will feature a post-qualifying Top Ten Shootout before Race 20 of the season is held on under lights, giving the #26 Penrite Mustang’s unique livery time to literally shine.

“Last time we did this, half the track was dark and half was light, so it was kind of weird, but I think they’ve upgraded the facility so well that you won’t be able to tell there’s a difference between the light and the dark,” Reynolds says.

“It’s like when we raced at night time in Dubai; the place was so well lit you that couldn’t tell it was dark until you looked beyond the track and you noticed it was dark outside, so hopefully it’s the same effect.”

Sunday’s daytime action will see two back-to-back 10-minute qualifying sessions before Races 21 and 22, where tyre management and pure car performance will be critical.

“It’s one of those tracks that heavily, heavily relies on car performance and the tyre deg and everything like that,” the Penrite Mustang driver adds. “It’s a hard track as a driver because you want to try so much harder if you’re not on the pace, but it’s actually worse for you because the harder you try the slower you go around there. With the longer load corners, if you try and push you blow out your tyres, and your tyres wear out faster than they should. So it’s a very difficult track to attack.”

Helping in that area are new parts that will be fitted to Dave’s Mustang. “The boys spent a lot of the time building me parts, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they go. In a normal year, they probably wouldn’t have had the time, so it’s kind of a very good thing we’ve had a decent break to make these parts and make it possible.”

All three races will see 32 laps around the 3.93-kilometre Grand Prix layout at Sydney Motorsport Park for a 125km distance, with teams required to complete one compulsory pit stop and change at least two tyres. The format is expected to change over the four consecutive weekends of Supercars competition at the circuit.

“It’s going to be challenging to keep your motivation up,” Dave said. “If you roll out and your car’s good, you’ll probably breeze through the four rounds, but if you roll out off the pace it’s going to be a struggle for four rounds.

“I hope we can roll out of the truck pretty fast. [Kelly Grove Racing Teammate] Andre [Heimgartner] had pretty good success there last year, so we’re going to half match his setup and roll out and go from there. With the new parts and everything and their old setup, hopefully it can be a winning combination.”

The #26 Penrite Racing Mustang will take to that track for Friday’s first practice session at 3:50pm AEDT, with live coverage on Fox Sports and streamed via Kayo. The Seven Network will broadcast live from 3:30pm AEDT on Saturday and 12:30pm AEDT on Sunday.

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  1. Garry Pedersen
    Garry Pedersen says:

    Hi David,
    Try another helmet or modify what you have.
    The cheek pad/cushion is restricting your peripheral vision and your side vision will not be as accurate as looking forward.
    You need clarity in all directions, ask Larry Perkins.
    Take a look at your own image of your self with the helmet on , if you were a jet fighter pilot with face restrictions like that you would be blown out of the sky.
    you cant achieve your ambitions with distorted vision. Fighter pilots often ues super sonic contacts to increase and stabilise their side view. You can see ok but seriously distorted. Sell it or alter the pads.
    Check a image of Shane with his helmet on, any Moto GP rider or Rally driver. Keep up the good work, only trying to help, I have studied this subject extensively.
    How is Dennis going, I see him on the car Friday doing stuff.
    Best regards…………
    Garry Pedersen


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