David Reynolds will be on the hunt to earn back some points this weekend at the NTI Townsville 500, after a challenging round in Darwin last month. Despite Hidden Valley being a favourite, results proved otherwise. The Penrite racer dabbled in unfamiliar territory, racing at the rear of the field for the majority of the weekend, now a motivating factor for Reynolds; who will be looking to get back to the front this weekend.  

For Reynolds, the Reid Park Street Circuit has previously resulted in some mixed results; but this year will mark the first time the Gen3 Mustang hits the Townsville Street Circuit and hopefully with that, some positive results.  

“I’m really looking forward to Townsville, it’s always an awesome event,” said Reynolds.  

“It’s another street track, we tend to go well there. Reid Park is a very high degradation circuit, so there will be a lot of different strategies playing out over the weekend.  

“These new Gen3 cars have a lot more degradation, there’s obviously less aero so the car moves around more and uses up the tyres more, so that’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out for everyone.” 

Whilst qualifying is usually important in setting up race position, Reynolds admits that around the Townsville circuit, track position can be gained over the duration of the race.  

“Qualifying is all about single lap pace, but (generally speaking) around Reid Park, you don’t have to qualify amazingly. You need a fast car, but you don’t need to qualify brilliantly to do well in the race, you can sort of come from anywhere because it’s such a bad degradation track,” admits Reynolds.  

This weekend will see two practice sessions on Friday, before Qualifying Saturday, a Top Ten Shootout and a 250km race. The same format will emulate into Sunday, again finishing off with an 88-lap race.  

“Eighty-eight laps is a long way for us and is generally done over three stints, so there will be two pit stops in each race with approximately 100-litres of fuel dropped in each race. These cars burn a bit less fuel than the old cars, the previous cars took about 140-litres each drop,” said Reynolds.  

“The type of fuel we use now doesn’t burn as much, so there’s a few factors that’ll come into play this weekend.  

“It’s going to be a lot of fun, bouncing over the curbs, it’s going to be a big test for these cars because we haven’t really hit the curbs that hard in this new car. We’ve been to Newcastle, but there’s not a lot of curbs there, so this weekend will be different again.” 

The Penrite Racer is currently sitting in tenth position in the Championship standings, -421 points behind Will Davison and there’s no denying that Reynolds is keen on staying inside the top ten.  

“We’ll be pushing hard this weekend; we obviously had a challenging weekend in Darwin, so our aim is to get back up there and give it a good hot crack,” said Reynolds.  

“I do enjoy this track it’s a great event, the sun is out and the atmosphere is great. We’re also back to the longer races – so hopefully we can reward the team, our fans and sponsors and bring home some positive results.”  

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