The Repco Supercars Championship will play support to the Formula One this weekend as Round 2 kicks off for the Beaurepaires Melbourne SuperSprint, 30-2 April. In the background, David Reynolds is quietly confident he can continue his promising form from Newcastle.  

The 2017 Bathurst Champion had a stellar run at the New South Wales circuit, claiming a pole position and third place finish in Sunday’s race, making an impressive start to a new era in the new Gen3 car.  

“This weekend will be a little different in that we’ll be a support category to the F1, so we’ll have shorter races,” said Reynolds.  

“I do love this event though; the Grand Prix is always lots of fun and I’m a big fan of the F1. It’s looking like there will be something like 450,000 people over the weekend and 130,000 on Sunday, which is huge. So, for us, that’s great exposure.”  

Reynolds has had a relatively solid track record at Albert Park and last year took home two second place trophies; however, a crash in the final race lowered his stats.  

“Last year we had really good success,” admitted Reynolds. 

“If I didn’t crash in the last race, (I probably should have won the weekend and taken over the Larry Perkins trophy), so it’s definitely on the cards this time around!” 

This year will see the Repco Supercars run Super Soft and Hard tyre compounds across the weekend, with drivers required to use both in all four sprint races; with the compulsory pit stop window opening on lap 2.  

Last year however, drama unfolded with several drivers suffering issues with blown tyres after running too long on the softer compound. 

“There’s a lot to think about this weekend. We’re obviously in the new car and there’s less aero, so the fast sweeping corners are going to be much more difficult for us drivers,” said Reynolds. 

“Last year we were also popping tyres on the soft tyre. This year we’ll be on the Super Soft tyre, which doesn’t make much sense from the category perspective, I’m not sure why they’ve done that. So, it’ll be interesting to see whether that happens again.  

“There are two schools of thought on how it could go – it might not happen again because the surface degrades over the year and we have less down force, half the amount and there’s a slightly lighter car, so there’s less pressure on the tyres. So that could work. Or it does happen again! It’ll certainly make the race interesting!” 

“I’m really looking forward to this weekend though. I love Albert Park. Since they’ve re-profiled some of the corners and taken out turns 7,8 and 9, it’s a much better place. It’s really fun to drive.   

“It’s a tough track to drive, it’s a long track. It’s 1min45sec lap, so to put a lap together there it’s a little bit difficult because there’s a lot of places that you can stuff up. However, I’m not thinking about that and I’m focussing on all the places that I can make time!  

“It’s going to be a pitstop race because no-ones really amazing at pitstops at the minute, so if anyone can do a 4 or 5 second pitstop, you’ll be much faster than others in the field doing 7 or 8 seconds. You can put the best car forward, but it’s really down to the pit crew to do a good change in the stop.  

“No one is really confident on tyres changes at the moment either, because they’ve had all these wheel nut dramas with this new car, with the wheel nuts not fitting. So, it’s a level playing field. 

“My aim this weekend is to continue collecting points and not make any silly mistakes and hopefully our car is feeling good and we’re racing up the front!”  

The Repco Supercars take to the track for Practice and Qualifying sessions across Thursday 30th March, with four sprint races across the 4-days.  

View the schedule here –  

TV Guide here –  

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