Perth Preview & Rennsport Festival in Review

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last round of the V8Supercars Championship.

Last weekend I competed in the Porsche Rennsport Racing Festival at Eastern Creek. I raced with Tony Bates and although we fell out of contention on Sunday, we did manage to capture a podium on the Saturday with a 3rd place finish.

I had lots of fans writing in to ask about the event and what it’s like to get back into a Porsche. The easiest way to explain the difference, is that a Porsche is a finely tuned race car. It’s precise, sharp and predictable and forgiving. My Penrite Hungry Jacks Racing V8Supercar is brutal…unforgiving and much harder to drive!

As I look forward to Perth this weekend I need to shake my cold. I turned up to Sydney feeling under the weather, so hopefully I’ll feel better than I did at Eastern Creek.

This weekend we approach the round with a new found level of confidence. The crew have been pouring over data and we’ve made improvements….so now we need to try it at full throttle.

The other positive news is my car will have the Erebus ‘e-cell’ installed. Over the past two weeks the crew have been planning the installation of the cell which we saw in the E Class V8Supercars. I haven’t raced with it before, so it will be interesting to see how the car performs.

Finally, I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate everyone at V8Supercars on the announcement of Virgin Australia joining as a major sponsor. The series will see its name changed to Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. Some fans have written to me asking what I think about the series losing “V8” in its title. My feeling is that there will probably always be V8s in our series…so that will not be lost. Aussies love their V8s. But it will be interesting to see other engines and marques in the category. Turbo technology is cool…and who knows we might see coupes in the series again?

Anyway…that’s enough from me. Thanks to everyone who came out to Eastern Creek. Tony and I loved having familiar faces there to support us. I hope you enjoyed it too.

See you at Perth!



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