The Repco Supercars Championship are set to take on a new circuit this weekend in New Zealand, Taupo. Having previously raced in New Zealand at Pukekohe, the all-new track is a level playing field for all; with no previous Supercars data for teams to compare.  


This weekend will also mark a personal career milestone for Team 18 driver, David Reynolds as he looks to start his 200th race start in the Supercars series.  


“I’m really looking forward to this weekend,” said Reynolds.  


“It’ll be my 200 rounds in Supercars this weekend, which just means I’ve been around a really, long time.  


“I’ve had many, many years of a lot of hard work. There’s been a lot of positive stories, a lot of negative stories. A lot of highs and a lot of lows.  


“Motorsport is very unique. It’s not like a game of football or cricket where you have a 50% chance of winning and are only against one other team. We’re racing against 24 or 25 drivers. In fact, when I first started, I was racing against 32 other guys. So, it’s not an easy task to win.  


“I’ve had a really good journey so far and I’m loving where I am in my career at the moment, so it’s going to be a fun 200th round!”  


Although this will be a new track for Supercars, Reynolds admits he has a slight advantage, having previously driven on the Taupo circuit – although many years ago.  


“I’m really looking forward to heading to Taupo,” said Reynolds.  


“I raced there about 15 years ago in Carrera Cup, so I sort of know the track a little bit. I went there recently to re discover it again, and I discovered that It’s pretty much the same. Except they have put new surfaces down on three different corners. But, other than that, it’s still the same.  


“Tyre degradation will be interesting this weekend as the track surface is so old. So, we’ll need to be mindful about how we work the tyre strategy. 


“It’s going to be hard to set the car up for, which gives an even level playing field as no one has been there before. 


“The track is tricky to drive, there’s some really long corners there and there’s some not so good corners. 


“I consider New Zealand tracks to be like good golf courses – they make you think about what you have to do and where you must place the car, and so they make you really think.  


“Thats why New Zealand drivers are good drivers, as their tracks are really hard, and you have to place the car in certain spots to get the most out of it.” 


This weekend’s track action will include a 90-minute practice session on Friday, before a Qualifying session and a Top Ten Shootout, and a 60-lap race on both Saturday and Sunday.  


“The race structure is a total of 400kms completed over the two days – so two 200km races, about 60 laps each day with two pitstops,” said Reynolds.  


“Qualifying as usual will be key, so I’m hoping we can get ourselves into a good position early on and get a spot in the Shootout to give us a good run into the race. 


“New Zealand’s weather can be a little unpredictable, so it could possibly be raining, or it could possibly not be! So, we’ll just have to wait and see!  


“I’m really looking forward to this round. It should be a lot of fun.”  


All the action from the ITM Taupo Super400 can be broadcast on Kayo Sports as well as on Foxtel.  


The Seven Network and 7plus will show highlights of the Saturday and Sunday event, whilst New Zealand viewers can watch on Sky Sport live in HD.  


SEN (Sports Entertainment Network) will also broadcast the Sunday action live. 


Make sure to check your local guide and the Supercars website for viewing times –  


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