Last Time Round

The Sun Has Set On My Time with The Bottle-O Racing Team.

The Sun Has Set On My Time with The Bottle-O Racing Team.

After a disappointing Phillip Island round, I fly to Sydney this week with some apprehension and the realisation that this will be my final weekend with The Bottle-O Racing Team.

This weekend requires a shift in focus too. No longer am I aiming to win the championship….I have to focus on beating Craig Lowndes to second in the championship. I also need to think about supporting Frosty win the championship!

The Sydney race is one of my favourites. Last year I snuck a podium in and looking back I’ve generally enjoyed my time around the street circuit. It’s a full-on track and we go there this year with real confidence in our cars.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank the team for four great years. During this time I’ve made some great friends who have helped me through the highs and lows. It was an interesting time for the team as much as it has been for me. I started with Rod Nash Racing and by the second year Rod owned what was then Ford Performance Racing. This year it changed again to become Prodrive Racing Australia.

A big thanks also to The Bottle-O and all the great sponsors that supported car #55.

After this weekend I will emerge as the lead driver for a new team, but until then I’m hoping to get an extra win in for the Blue Oval.

Finally, I want to again thank all of you great supporters and fans. It’s been a big few months for me, however all of you have been so funny and encouraging with your comments. I like reading your comments…so keep them coming. I hope you will follow me in the next phase of my racing career……


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