GP Preview

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since Adelaide.

Last weekend on Saturday I joined Andre Heimgartner at Car City for our sponsors Money Now. We walked right around Car City meeting all new Money Now customers, checking out cars and meeting the dealers. It was really good fun.

Then on Sunday I joined Penrite Oil at Phillip Island and met legends of the sport. I even had the opportunity to interview them…and let’s just say some of the chats we had will be swept under the carpet!

Looking forward to Albert Park is always fun. I live literally across the road…so it’s a good change from long interstate trips.

I’ve had mixed results there and although it’s never been for championship points, you still want to win there. It means a lot to the team and the sponsors…so we want to win. I certainly would like to win there.

Although the races are shorter, it still requires the same level of preparation. These days we have our own dedicated pit garages, although in the past the Supercar teams weren’t treated as well. Hopefully next year we will actually race for points.

I’m feeling more and more confident every round. Erebus is gaining more and more consistency in its team and structures and processes. People quickly forget how much of a massive change it went through last year.

It’s a credit to Barry Ryan and Betty Klimenko. This is a dedicated team of people who work their backsides off.  I enjoy every moment I’m with this team. They’re generous and encouraging all the time and always make me feel welcome.

If you’re in Melbourne make sure you stop by to say hello.

See you at the track…maybe on the podium : )




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