22289624_10154854371971937_4320993580195907196_oWell, things sure have been hectic since my big trip around the Mountain earlier this month. It has been so crazy busy, I am still tired!

I will be right for this weekend though (the Vodafone Gold Coast 600), I have got some media commitments to do over the next day or so but nothing too intense which I am pretty happy about, so I will be able to take it easy and get ready for what will be a big few days on the Gold Coast.

I am really looking forward to it to be honest. I love the track, it is one of my favourites. It is really one of those places that rewards you for trying hard and for trying in the right areas, which I really like.

You have to have a good car though as well to ride the bumps well and have it do what you want it to do.

At the same time, you have to have your confidence up – this is a big confidence track, and you need that to grow over the weekend so you can go closer to the walls, use more entry speed and all of that while not being scared of crashing!

I think our car should be pretty well suited to the track, we have had some good one-lap car pace lately and I am looking forward to having a crack. At the same time though, there are the kerbs…I am not 100 percent sure on how our car is going to go with those, as we have evolved it so much over the last eight to ten months and we haven’t had a big kerb track with this variation. I guess we will see soon enough!

To make it even more interesting, it might be wet as well! And as we all know, the Gold Coast is a really, really difficult track in the wet. We might struggle a bit for pace if it is raining I think, but you never know, we might be okay. I really hope it isn’t raining!

It is good to know I have Luke again driving the car with me – he is a seasoned professional, knows his job and tries really hard. This track rewards good drivers I think, so hopefully all goes well for us this weekend!

See you at the track,




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