David Reynolds – Townsville 400 Wrap Up

Whilst this weekend wasn’t a terrible weekend, it also wasn’t that great…

I still felt like we had a bit more to tweak and just couldn’t bring it all together during the races.

I qualified 4th ahead of Saturday’s 200km race, however I believe it could have been a lot better. We improved the car during the qualifying session, but if we had the car we finished with at the start of the session, I think we would have been on the front row – but that’s racing!

I got a good start for the race and was going good for a couple of laps, but it all started to turn to custard. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a fast enough race package and I didn’t have a lot of tyre life compared to the guys I was racing at the front – so 7th was all I could manage for Saturday’s race.

Sunday I then qualified 9th, which put me in the top ten shootout. I managed to pick up a few spots in the shootout and finished up 4th ahead of Sunday’s final 200km race.

I had good pace in the first few laps of the race, but my pace started to fade and the cars in front were really fast and had very good tyre life, so it was hard to compete. My car didn’t feel right though, it wasn’t acting as normal, every time I was getting on the throttle trying to get away from the corner, the car was wheel spinning and wasn’t doing it’s ‘normal’ thing. We will go back and fix that and ensure we move forward in the next one!

I at least bagged some points and maintained my position in the Championship. I’m still sitting in third place, so that’s a positive!

It’s only 10 days off and then we’re back at it again! Next stop…. Queensland Raceway, 20 – 22 July. I love this track, so I can’t wait to get there and see what we can do!


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