David Reynolds

David Reynolds – PIRTEK Perth SuperNight Wrap Up

Wasn’t a terrible weekend, wasn’t a fantastic weekend in Perth! Enjoyed racing under lights – something different that’s for sure. The atmosphere was great, and it was good to see the fans come out and enjoy the night racing too!

Practice was pretty unusual on Thursday night. It took a bit of getting used to being on a new track as well as racing under lights. When I drove out of pitlane, it felt like I was going a million miles an hour…so it took majority of the session to get used to what was going on. Managed to finish up P5.

Come Friday, our aim with the knockout qualifying format was to make it straight to Q2, which we did by finishing inside the top ten in eighth, which I was pretty happy with.

Race 11 wasn’t too bad. I got an ok start, but there was just so much happening, and it was just a scramble. I was blocked by Van Gis which put me back a couple of spots, I was quickly able to make some passes and re-gain where I started in P8 just a few laps in. As the race went on, I unfortunately lost two spots and was never able to get them back. It wasn’t our best day, I finished up P10.

Come Saturday, I didn’t have the best run for qualifying and finished up 12th and I think that really hurt us going into the race as my car had good pace for Saturday night’s final session. I got a bit of an average start and lost a few spots, however the setup of the car was probably the best we’d had all weekend, so I was able to make the most of that throughout the session and try and work my way back through the field. It was certainly a fun race though; Anton wasn’t far off my tail and we were able to work together to move through the field; where I ended up finishing sixth. Overall, we had good pit stops and strategy – it’s just a shame we didn’t have that setup at the start of the weekend, as we could have tuned the car a lot better…. However, I’m happy with sixth considering where we started!

A big thanks to the crew, a mega effort as always. It was certainly lots of fun racing under lights!

Let’s see what Winton brings us, 24 – 26th May!




Thursday 2nd May

Practice 1 – 5th

Friday 3rd May

Practice 2 – 6th

Qualifying (Race 11) – 8th

Race 11 – 10th

Saturday 4th May

Practice 3 – 9th

Qualifying (Race 12) – 12th

Race 12 – 6th

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