David Reynolds – Ipswich Wrap Up

Queensland Raceway certainly lived up to its reputation of not being my favourite track… I was really hoping to have changed that!

But, not to worry – that’s motorsport!

Friday’s practice sessions we played with a few different set up options as the car just didn’t feel quite right and I wasn’t 100% comfortable. I was still happy to have come away with ninth though.

We went straight into Qualifying Part 2 and finished up in eighth ahead of Saturday’s race. The field was literally separated by nothing in qualifying, so we finished up where I expected. It was hard to tell how fast you wanted your car in qualifying because you can’t change it for the race due to parc ferme; so, it’s hard to determine how aggressive or conservative others have gone.

Saturday’s race I had an average start and was only able to maintain my position before the first pit stop. We didn’t have the greatest stop and I stalled which made it worse; so that was a little disappointing. Once we got back out there, I had fresher tyres than everyone I was catching, so it was fun to pick off who I could and try and work my way closer to the pointy end. I ended up crossing the line one position down from where I started in ninth.

Sunday’s practice I finished up 13th, which meant I was to see out the first qualifying session; where I would start Sunday’s race from P10.

I got a really good start in the race, Percat stalled in front of me, so I had to get around pretty quick. I had a few really good battles, then I realised a couple of laps in that my car probably wasn’t the fastest, so I conserved tyres as much as I could and we took two long stints.

Unfortunately, the last stop didn’t work out for us due to a fuel-flow issue, which forced us back in the pits to take on 1-litre to see us across the line for the final 4 laps.

I feel really bad for the crew, we’re obviously all disappointed; we are all trying so hard. We will bounce back at Tailem Bend!

Looking forward to some hot laps with the sponsors and fans tomorrow!


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