David Reynolds – Ipswich Preview

Well off to QLD we go… to sunny Ipswich for the Coates Hire Ipswich Supersprint!

Queensland Raceway is 3.12kms in length and the average track speed is about 160km/h, with a top speed of approximately 250km/h.

QR looks like a pretty simple track on paper, it looks like a paper clip, which funnily enough is why it’s called the ‘paper clip’…

But in actual fact it’s a lot more technical than you think. There are two really fast corners (turn 1 and 2) and a couple of really slow corners (turns 3 to 6) so it’s actually a bit challenging.

I haven’t had the best of times around this track, so I don’t have a lot of good things to say about it. I think my best position is 4th. I’ve had some fast cars there, but never been able to convert into a decent result.

The QLD Government has made a few safety upgrades to the track, which is good to see. They have upgraded and put in new mesh catch-fencing to the concrete walls on the pit and back straights, added additional tyre barriers at key corners and also improved the gravel traps at turn 3 and 6. I believe additional changes are to be completed in the new year, which will be great to see also.

We hit the track for practice 1 on Friday 20th July at 12:00pm. Make sure you tune in!

Hopefully we have fast cars there and hopefully we can have a good weekend and come away with a win.

Hope to see you at the track!


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