David Reynolds – Darwin Triple Crown Preview

Well, I said it last year and I didn’t quite do it – so I’ll say it again, that I’ll be the first to claim the Triple Crown.

The Triple Crown consists of winning the two race wins as well as the shootout on the Sunday. It’s never been done before. I was telling everyone I was going to do it last year. I got a win and I got a pole, but I didn’t get the other win. So, I’ll definitely be trying hard again this year to do it!

I do really like this round. It’s always a great atmosphere, it’s a really fun track and I can’t wait to get out there. Hidden Valley is a great layout, it has good grip and it’s not particularly a hard track to drive. It has 14 turns, is 2.9kms in length and the average speed is about 150km/h. The top speed is achieved into turn one which is about 270km/h.

Not to mention, this was the track where I did my first ‘Shoey’ back in 2015, or should I say ‘Bootie’ – so it certainly holds plenty of significant memories.

This weekend’s schedule will see a Supersprint format, with Saturday a total of 42 laps and Sunday’s race with 70 laps. A top ten shoot out will also occur on Sunday, which is the first one since Adelaide, so it’s been a while!

I’m currently fourth in the Championship points, so I’ll certainly be aiming to get some more points under my belt!

I hit the track for the first practice session Friday 14th June at 11:40am.

Bring on the sunshine!


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  1. Frank Sherwood
    Frank Sherwood says:

    Go for it Davey boy, you’re a killer!!! Can’t wait to see you in Townsville Go get em mate, you’re a winner


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