David Reynolds – Darwin Preview

Darwin, Hidden Valley Raceway… the track where I first did the ‘Shoey’ on the main stage in 2015. How fun! It was a spur of the moment thing and something I only decided to do when I stepped up on the podium. I had also seen Ryal Harris do it celebrating his win in the V8 Utes earlier that year and thought I’d continue with the good old Aussie trend. It’s certainly taken off since then and I’ve also had fun coming up with a few other random celebratory victories…now to start thinking of my next victory celebration! Hmmm….

Well it’s been a busy few weeks in the lead up to Darwin. The PR department has been working me hard. I’ve been keeping up with the training (even went for a run) as well as done lots of Physiotherapy with Nicole from High Line Active.

I am so pumped to get back behind the wheel – I’ve got a good track record at Hidden Valley. Last year I didn’t finish outside the top 10, so I’m really confident we can give it a good crack this year!

I love the track; it’s a great layout, nice grip and it’s not a particularly hard track to drive. It has 14 turns, is 2.9kms and the average speed is about 150km/h. The top speed is achieved into turn one which is about 270km/h. We will be on the soft tyre this weekend, so it’ll be important to manage them and come up with a smart strategy.

The atmosphere is fantastic too, it’s really relaxed and I really like racing there. I generally do pretty well at Darwin – I normally say that’s where my Championship starts, but it started at Adelaide this year. Even better!

This event known as the Crownbet Darwin Triple Crown, is called the ‘Triple Crown’ because back in the day there used to be three races and if you took out all of the races for the weekend, you would take out the ‘Triple Crown’. In the 21 years that this event has been running for, no one is yet to achieve this. However, now there are only two races, but they incorporate the top ten shootout as part of it, so I’ve been telling everyone I’m going to be the first to take out the ‘Triple Crown’.

I’m currently 4th in the Championship points, -318 behind McLaughlin in first place and I’m determined to get back some points and climb my way further to the top.

I hit the track for the first practice session Friday 16th June, 12.30pm.

Hope to see you at the track! Bring on the sunshine.


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