Clipsal In Review

Well it was an up and down weekend at Adelaide. The car struggled for pace however and I experienced mixed fortunes in qualifications.

Race 2 was going well and I qualified the car in the top 10. It was going to plan until Michael Caruso’s Nissan ruined my results with an ambitious move which sent me to the back of the field. Although Michael eventually hit a wall and demolished his own car, it didn’t help my result.

Race 3 was a struggle. Again a lack of pace saw me holding up a field of cars for a number of laps, until eventually the tyres gave way …and so did I.

History will record that race as the last time an FG Ford Falcon took to the streets of Adelaide. At the Grand Prix I will be debuting an all-new FGX shaped Falcon, which appears to have aero advantages.

The season is off to a reasonable start under the circumstances, so hopefully with the new car we’ll be able to get back to the front of the grid!

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