Car City join the race

I recently visited Car City with my mate Andre Heimgartner for our sponsors Money Now.  We had a really good time and neither of us realised how big it actually was!

I never thought they would end up sponsoring me! But I’m really excited to announce that Car City have joined as a personal sponsor for 2017.

Car City started way back in 1985 in Ringwood in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It was the first of its kind and soon became known as the largest used car dealership in the southern hemisphere. Growing up I always remember their crazy commercials on TV. Who can forget their jingle “…..keep your eyes open for a bargain….CAR CITY!”

Car City expanded and are now also in Michinbury in Sydney. Their website hosts hundreds of cars to choose from.

Car City will feature on my helmet and race suit but I’ll also be making some appearances there throughout the year. Who knows…maybe I can be that crazy guy in their commercials with my eyes spinning around!

I look forward to a great year together.



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