22228335_10154857491716937_8238032782941118314_nSo, after setting what I am calling the ‘Lap of the Mountain Goat’ (I’m the goat) during qualifying to start second on the grid for the Bathurst 1000, Luke and I went and won it!

It was an intense race, the weather was terrible, so very wet at the beginning and then on and off throughout, some teams were even using squeegees in their cars so they could see out the window. It was absolutely nuts.

Luke is an absolute gun – for a guy who doesn’t drive much he is really fast, and I can’t thank him enough. After that race, I am just completely buggered, but on cloud nine.

There are so many people to thank – on the podium I thanked baby Jesus which got a laugh, but if I am serious for a moment I really have to thank all of the team – it is isn’t just Luke and I who got that win, we have a team of 22 people behind us. It is probably the smallest crew in pit lane, but we have been working really hard for the last year and a half and that is paying off.

Every time we go to the track, we are different and better to what we were at the event before, it has been a massive whirlwind and I can’t thank them enough – I love my crew, and I love my job, and I love driving with Luke. This is amazing.

I was asked if this closes the chapter of the runner-up result in 2012, and I said, not really, as you always go to every race and try and win, so I will probably forget about this in a week’s time and try and win the Gold Coast, but for now, it is time to celebrate – in 2012 I was the Queen of the Mountain, and now we are the Kings…it is safe to say it feels pretty good.

To close this out, a huge thank you has to go to my sponsor group. You guys are always backing me and it is an honour to have you on my helmet and supporting me as I am out there racing, I couldn’t do what I do without you, so thanks, this is your win too!

See you at the track,


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