Bathurst 12 Hour through my rear view mirror

The Bathurst 12 Hour was an amazing experience. It was the first time I was able to spend time with the Erebus crew and staff…and what an amazing, dedicated bunch of people.

You know….the media and fans too often overlook the fact that this team has heritage. I soon learnt that Erebus Motorsport is known internationally. I only realised this when I started getting emails from kids in Europe leading into the 12 Hour saying how much they love the team.

Not only have Erebus competed and won in the GT Championship here in Australia – they have also competed on the international stage.

People also ask what Betty is like to work with. Well over the weekend, I got to work with Betty and Daniel for the first time in the heat of battle. I soon realised how knowledgeable, calculated and strategic they are.

Similarly the crew were patient, welcoming and very professional. A big thanks to everyone including Cambell Little and Barry Ryan.

The AMG SLS GT3 cars were weapons. Unlike a V8 Supercar, they are very forgiving and precise. Our practise sessions were great, but during the qualifying sessions the cars just didn’t respond. We found ourselves down the grid for the start of the race.

But within a few hours we were at the front…not for the only time.

We were in a position to win that race, but unfortunately during my second stint I had to pit twice when a tyre gave up on us. That situation forced us a lap down with a few hours to go. But unfortunately we were never able to get that lap back.

Cambell Little and Barry Ryan gave me the opportunity to finish the race for my third stint….and although I brought the car home, we were only able to finish 5th outright.

We matched it with all our competitors. I had the better of the Nissans on a few occasions, and even the Bentleys struggled to get away from us.

A big thanks to everyone at Erebus. I loved it.

Thanks also to my new personal sponsors who came out to support me – including MOMO Tires, UNIT and Mongrel Boots.

Next stop…Round 1 of the V8 Supercars!



RGP-2016 Bathurst 12hrSat-a49v2301

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